TMI Tuesday: Any Regrets?

Whew, I got this one done on Tuesday this time! Hooray!

Looking back on our lives, we can have a mix of reactions to the things we’ve done. When it comes to sex, our memories can colour us with pride, fondness, nostalgia, indifference, or all too often, regret.

This week’s TMI Tuesday questions delve into things that people typically regret later in life. How much do you regret, if at all, any of the following?

1. Do you regret how you “lost” your virginity? If yes, why and to whom would you have preferred to have lost it?

No I don’t. I wish I had been older than I was (13), but I am glad at least that it was with a boy I loved and trusted. We were together another 3 years and it was quite a journey! There were hard time, and hard lessons, but many good times too.

2. Have you ever lived a moment in your life where you said “Yeah, I’m not going to ever tell anyone about that.” Describe that moment or incident.

Oh yes, a few… To pick one: I was still a teenager, and had just broken up with my boyfriend, when I went over to see a male friend for comfort. As I should have predicted if I’d been thinking clearly, his reaction to my news was to kiss me. We ended up in his bed and I was flooded with emotion and desire, but told him that under no circumstances would I have sex with him. Next thing we were naked and kissing and then, and minute later… he tried to penetrate me. I told him I had been quite serious when I said I wouldn’t have sex with him, at which point he tried again. I was furious, and stormed off in a rage. It was the end of that friendship, and in fact it wasn’t long before I got back together with my boyfriend (though the relationship only lasted another 6 months). I was so embarrassed about my lack of judgement in going to see him in the first place, let alone going into his bedroom, that I never told anyone what had happened.

3. Do you regret having acted on a sexual impulse? If yes, please describe.

Yes. There was a fellow dancer in a show I was in that I thought sexy as hell. I was 16, he was 21, and he had been flirting with me through all the weeks of practices. We went away to a dance competition down the SouthCoast, and he offered to have my dance partner, my mom and I stay with him in his family’s holiday home near the beach, close to the competition. We accepted the invitation and that night, after everyone had gone to sleep, I crept out my room to see him. He told me he loved me and we ended up having fairly rushed, unsatisfying (for me) sex on the floor… and again the next morning in the kitchen when everyone else had gone out. It was the only time I have ever been tricked by a man’s lies into having sex – and it wasn’t even good sex! It was all about his pleasure and there was none whatsoever for me. He ignored me completely once he had made his conquest. Luckily I am usually a better judge of character!

4. Do you regret not having had sex with someone who you could have had sex? If yes, would you do it over and have sex?


5. Do you regret not having asked out or tried to hook up with someone you really liked out of fear of rejection only to later learn that person wanted you, too? If yes, please describe.

Nope, I have generally made it known if I am interested in someone!

6. Do you regret having done a particular sex act? If yes, please describe.

Hmmm perhaps the long, yellow candle my boyfriend insert somewhat too far into my vagina many, many moons ago, when we were young and experimenting what exactly what we could get in there, which came out red with blood…

Bonus: Do you regret not having told someone you love them? Romantic, not familial or friendship love.

Nope, I have told everyone I have ever loved how I felt about them.


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Happy TMI Tuesday!

8 thoughts on “TMI Tuesday: Any Regrets?

  1. I love you answer to the bonus question.

  2. NormalDeviations says:

    Interesting stuff! I like the concept, too.

    The idea of “too far” with a candle sounds all sorts of bad… and I’m male… ugh.

    • Yeah it wasn’t the best move… sorry if that was a bit of a distasteful thing to share… truth is I don’t really have any other regrets, sex is generally just a wonderful thing to me, I couldn’t think of anything else!

  3. MrM says:

    The candle-yikes! I do like the way you’re living your life though, tell people you love them and being honest about your attractions- if only everyone else were so honest.

  4. […] TMI Tuesday: Any Regrets? ( […]

  5. rich says:

    i was about 19 when i lost mine, somewhere around 1980. yeah, late, i know. i was working in a convenience store, like a 7-11. it was a fairly nice town and fairly nice people 15-20 who would occasionally hang out at the store in the summer, on weekends, etc. there was one girl, about 17, who was not thought of very nicely, thought of as a whore, slut, whichever, i don’t really know the difference. one night i was locking up the store at midnight when we closed, and she was outside the store and semi-crying. she said her mother had kicked her out of the house and had nowhere to go. i offered to give her a ride somewhere, and she got in the car.

    i didn’t really know her well, knew her name and enough to say hi. after driving a talking, she asked if she could go home with me, but i declined because i was still living with my parents. however, i did have enough money to get a motel room, and i did have enough “maturity” to come home the next morning with an explanation.

    we get to the motel, start undressing, and i didn’t really know for sure what was going to happen. she took a shower, i should have but got in bed instead. she was pretty, a little chubby – not a complaint, just a description. as she got in bed, i explained that i did not have a condom or anything, and she sort of giggled at me, which confused me at the moment.

    i have no clue how long the sex was or what we even did. i don’t know if i explained that i was a virgin. i don’t recall driving her home the next day or seeing her again ever after that night. not even a “hi” walking by the store. no clue. the only thing i remember is looking in the mirror the next morning and seeing a strange mark on my shoulder. then i turned my back to the mirror and saw two clear handprints made with blood.

    yes, i regret the manner in which i lost my virginity.

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