Masturbation & Imagination

On my own for a few weeks with H away on a sports tour, I am going to have to hone my imagination and my masturbation skills… so here is a story for you all.

I left the busy office behind me as I crept down the stairs from the second floor to the first, where there is a shower with a small change room, which I use when I cycle to work. I locked the door and pulled out the small wooden chair which folds up into the wall next the shower, pulled up my skirt, and sat down. My right hand slipped inside my black lace panties, and the middle finger slid straight inside my waiting cunt, already wet and swollen with anticipation. It explored a little, ensuring it was perfectly covered in my juices before sliding back out, circling my clit a couple of times, then rising to my mouth so I could taste and smell myself. Back down to my clit, after pausing to toy briefly with my nipples through my shirt with the clean index finger, it began an anti-clockwise circling motion, while the middle finger of my left hand moved down and gentle began probing its way just inside my ass.

Now that my fingers were in perfect position and had their rhythm, my mind turned to you. I turned to look at the shower next to me, picturing you standing there, your torso and cock crystal clear in my mind – and I could feel what it would be like to be kneeling in front of you.

Your cock is already hardening as I take it into my mouth, and slowly at first I explore the taste and feel of you, the texture of your pubic hair, the smell of your skin. My hands are exploring you as much as my mouth is, and my breasts push up against your legs until you reach down and begin to toy briefly and casually with my nipples, your attention on the sensations in your cock. I’m licking you with long, flat strokes of my tongue, down over your balls, and I take them carefully, gently into my mouth, one at a time, while my hands stroke your hardness and flutter through your pubic hair, making sure every nerve ending is fully awakened. Suddenly the pace changes, and your cock is deep, deep in my mouth, pressing against the back of my throat with firm thrusts while my tongue flicks over the tip each time my head lifts. You moan and grab my hair, pulling me down even more firmly. I glance up and your eyes are closed, your concentration on the sensations intense. I know we don’t have much time, and though there is so much more I want to do to you, it will have to wait for another day. Thrust after thrust, my throat beginning to feel bruised and my lips aching, I can’t wait to taste your cum but also never want the moment to end. As I feel you getting closer and closer, I keep my pace fast but slip a hand around the base of your cock, then as I feel you begin to cum I smoothly transition from mouth to hand, long slow strokes of my hand as I lean backwards and let your hot cum shower my hair, face, breasts and stomach…

The finger on my clit has been joined by a second, and the pace of my circles has increased as I hang frustratingly on the border of orgasm. Gasping in frustration I reach for a large hair clip, and clip my nipples together, the pinch delightfully intense and I return to my previous ministrations…. And finally tip over the edge, moaning ‘ooooooh’ in a soft voice as the delightful waves of pleasure wash over me. I sit still for a second, a satisfied smile stretching across my face, then quickly scrub my hands clean and rush back upstairs to my computer.

16 thoughts on “Masturbation & Imagination

  1. H.H. says:

    So fucking hot!

  2. Proof that our minds are way dirtier than we’d ever care to admit.

  3. Theo Black says:

    Well you gave me a rise, this Sunday morning.

  4. workspousestory says:

    Oh, that was sweet to read…

  5. Little Miss says:

    My fingers got distracted whilst reading this…

  6. Uzoma says:

    loved reading this one.

  7. […] and tonight I will spend the night at EE’s. Trust me, it’s going to be so much […]

  8. The Hook says:

    Nice tale – and pic!

  9. vishal4nw says:

    Omg what an awesome post. I can’t believe you so comfortable with your sexuality. Me I’m shy even when mastabating. You bold and I could learn a lot from you. Thanks for your inspiration. Now I can learn to be bolder.

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