“Will you tie me up?” he asked.

We were back from a wonderful dinner celebrating our ninth wedding anniversary, and finally climbing naked into bed.

“Of course,” I replied, as he shifted to the centre of the bed and spread his gorgeous arms out to either side. I slipped the silk scarves that we now keep permanently tied to the bed around his wrists, and smiled down at him. After only a moment’s thought I shifted my body next to his and took the first finger on his right hand into my mouth, running my tongue slowly up the length of it, then giving a slight nip of my teeth on the tip. He sighed in the anticipation of more of this newly-discovered pleasure, his eyes closed, a smile on his lips. Slowly, patiently, I worked my way through each of his fingers, then ran the flat of my tongue over his palm, jumping the silk snaked over his wrist, to continue on a now-uninterrupted path down the inside of his forearm, over his biceps, down to his right nipple, then up to his neck, his ear, and finally his lips for a long, deep kiss.

After this pause, my tongue continued its journey, working slowly across to the fingertips of his other hand, then down over the muscles of his chest, the smoothness of his stomach, the sensitive inside of his thigh, then upwards again to explore his balls, until eventually arriving at his rock-hard cock.

After some pleasurable ministrations, I impulsively positioned myself above his still-tied right hand, pushing down onto it as he smoothly slipped a finger inside me. The first finger was joined swiftly by a second, a third… Then gradually a fourth and fifth. Wordlessly, he knew what I wanted, even though this was something new to us both. I pushed with increasing force down onto his hand, as he thrust back, but whether it was the angle of his tied wrist, or the positioning of his hand, I couldn’t get his whole fist inside me – the solid resistance of his knuckles defeated me, no matter how he tried to compress them. I had expected pushing that hard to be painful, but it wasn’t in the least – it was merely a sensation of extreme, and not uncomfortable, pressure.

“You’re a naughty bunny,” he quipped, grinning up at me.
“Mmmmm,” I replied, “but you like it.”
“I love it,” he sighed happily.

Giving up on the experiment for the moment, but determined to do some research and return to it (any tips?!) I moved over to sit on his chest. His tongue eagerly lapped up my juices and had me moaning with pleasure before I finally positioned myself above his waiting cock, thrusting down onto him enthusiastically, then leaning down for another deep kiss, tasting my own deliciousness on his lips, chin and tongue. After riding him hard and fast, then slipping his cock into my mouth so it could be filled with the wonderful taste of his cum, we drifted off to sleep in a satisfied tangle of limbs.

Less then half an hour later we both slowly rose into wakefulness as our lips found each others again, and he began to gently stroke me back into full arousal. I soon pushed his head down between my thighs, relaxing into a beautifully half-asleep series of sweet orgasms before his suprisingly hard cock – which I hadn’t yet touched – thrust down into me again. Somehow our sleep-drugged bodies found themselves joined together at a new angle that made both of our eyes widen slightly in surprise – after all these years we tend to think we’ve found every variation possible – and quicker than either of us could believe he was drenching me in cum again.

“Have I told you I love you?” he asked languidly, rolling over to cuddle me again once we had cleaned ourselves up.
“Not lately,” I replied with a smile.
“I love you.”
“Happy anniversary honey,” I breathed, just before slipping back into dreamland.

9 thoughts on “Anniversary

  1. deviantdiaries says:

    Mmmmm delicious, sexy and so lovely that your love is so wonderful for each other. Happy anniversary sweet friend!! xoxo

  2. workspousestory says:

    How have I missed this?! Jeez. That is. proper. hot.

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  5. abichica says:

    woow!! it so amazing to see you guys celebrating your 9th anniversary yet still very much in love and also discovering new sexual explorations together.. hot hot hot! :-D

  6. The Hook says:

    Who says monogamy is boring?

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