Birthday Fun

Firstly, I must apologise to you all for disappearing for the past few weeks – I have been away without internet access, and on my return home have naturally found my inbox overflowing with all of your new posts, and even a few new likes and follows here on my blog! It is all very exciting, but it is likely to take me a while to catch up with you kinky lot. For now, just a very short post about last night as I desperately need to get some sleep… 

For my birthday, we got tickets to watch Les Misérables in London’s West End. Babysitter organised, we dressed up and rushed off in excitement, settling comfortably into out seats just as the curtain was due to rise and… the theatre manager came onto stage to tell us that the show was cancelled due to back-stage flooding. I burst out laughing that this one special, carefully planned evening together, so many years in the coming, could have gone so wrong (H just happy that it was laughter and not tears), and we rushed back out into the rain to find a movie theatre instead. 

Now H had promised me a few days before that for my birthday we could tick a few more things off our Sexual Bucket List, so I naturally asked for seats at the back of the theatre, and made my way to the ladies before the film started to slip my underwear into my handbag. With my shawl spread over our laps in the near-empty cinema, we began unhurriedly stroking and petting each other beneath its protection. H’s practised fingers stroked my thighs, parted the lips of my pussy and slipped inside, then used my own wetness to lubricate my clit’s pleasure. After I was purring with contentment and satisfaction, I turned my full attention to the firm bulge in his trousers, first releasing it from its restrictions, then sliding my hand firmly up and down his shaft. It wasn’t long before I could dip my head and feel the delicious hot, smooth spurt of his cum in my mouth… I sat back with the world’s biggest grin on my face – one very satisfied customer!

Second time even more lucky

We had already had a great tumble in the kitchen a few hours earlier. After putting the kids to bed, I slipped into my small tartan fuck-me dress, and sauntered into the kitchen to find H waiting for me with port and cheese. The smooth, sweet alcohol seemed to be absorbed directly into my bloodstream, and I was feeling a little dizzy as he began slipping his hands under my rather minimal garment. Before too long I was on my back on the kitchen table being coaxed into multiple orgasms before hanging my head backwards off the end of the table and having my face fucked, followed by cum exploding all over my breasts and dress. It was gooooooood, and we both needed a shower to clean up the mess. Continue reading